The best anti-ageing routine in your 50s is adequate skincare in your 20s, or so goes the popular adage. It is a truth that Korean women have wised up to before the world, choosing to opt for a preventative approach from as early as six months old. The payoff comes in the form of that ageless skin texture in their later years that the rest of the world has been trying to decipher ever since. However, the credit doesn’t rest on the shoulders of any one miracle ingredient—Koreans, and not just women, instead employ a holistic approach to their skincare that includes consistent routines, proactive vigilance and healthy skincare habits from an early age. In pursuit of answers, we found our way to Charlotte Cho, who holds credit for the masterful curation of Soko Glam as well as her own skincare line, Then I Met You. Ahead, she shares the anti-ageing skincare secrets that Korean women have grown up with. Take notes.  

Skin first, makeup later

Having been brought up in California, Cho rues the fact that she didn’t follow a dedicated skincare routine as a teen. “I was very influenced by the Western mindset of focusing on makeup over skincare back then. This meant that I was often wearing makeup to bed, not washing my face thoroughly and didn’t know the first thing about exfoliation,” she recalls. However, she found her mindset changing once she went to Korea. “I understood the science behind double cleansing and saw immediate results, incorporated a hydrating toner, essence and a lightweight moisturiser into my routine followed by a sunscreen. I started using a pimple patch on flare-ups instead of attacking the skin with harsh ingredients. This was the beginning of my journey that completely changed my perspective on skincare which I still carry with me today through the curation at Soko Glam and my own skincare line as well,” she adds. 

Prevention is better than cure

K-beauty is hinged on a skin-first philosophy, she believes. “This approach focuses on treating skin concerns at the root of the cause, rather than just the symptoms. The preventative philosophy comes into play heavily with anti-ageing skincare, and a precautionary approach is practised with calming and nourishing ingredients, like mugwort and ginseng, that are used in skincare routines across the board,” she says. 



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