If you’ve heard of colostrum before, you might be raising your eyebrows. If you’ve never heard of it, allow me to introduce you—it’s the first breastmilk that the body produces during pregnancy. While it might not sound like the most appealing ingredient to smear on your face, it’s going to trend in a major way in 2023. Don’t worry—in skincare, this ingredient is sourced from cows (wh…….

Do You’d like to’ve heard of colostrum earlier than, You’d possibly be elevating your eyebrows. Do You’d like to’ve by no means heard of it, permit me to introduce you—It is the primary breastmilk that the physique produces all by way of being pregnant. Whereas it Will not sound like In all probability the most interesting ingredient to smear In your face, It is going to enchancment in A critical method in 2023. Do not be involved—in pores and skincare, this ingredient is sourced from cows (which is why you might see bovine colostrum crop up More and more extra). There’s extra evaluation to be carried out as this ingredient breaks onto the scene, however colostrum Might be A critical key to a healthful pores and skin barrier, As a Outcome of it’s Full of protein, fatty acids, and dietary vitamins. 


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