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  • PROVEN is led by CEO Ming Zhao, winner of 2020 “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” and Harvard MBA, and co-founder Dr. Amy Yuan,an award-winning computational physicist from Stanford University.
  • PROVEN reached a +$24 million revenue run rate in less than 2 years within the North American market, with 80% of customers on a subscription-based sales model.
  • PROVEN built the MIT AI Award-winning Skin Genome Project, the world’s largest beauty database containing 28 million consumer reviews & testimonials, and 4,000 research papers which forms the foundation of their personalization.
  • PROVEN will build upon its success in North America to enter international markets including China, Europe, and South America as well as expand to new product and categories.


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SAN FRANCISCO & MIAMI — PROVEN Skincare (“PROVEN” or the “Company”), an AI-powered, technology first consumer company that formulates and markets personalized skincare products, announced today the launch of its Regulation A+ equity funding campaign following the qualification of its Form 1-A Offering Circular by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The offering is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors for a limited time.

“Our mission at PROVEN is to use data, technology and personalization to solve the skincare problem once and for all. The global skincare market is a $155 billion market, and yet one in two consumers are unsatisfied with the products they purchase – at PROVEN we are changing that by giving individual consumers the right products for their skin at the right time,” said PROVEN co-founder and CEO Ming S. Zhao. “Through …….


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