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Whipping up DIY skincare products like masks, toner, scrubs and moisturisers has gotten popular since the pandemic started and people began spending more time at home. Since most of these formulas involve items from the kitchen, such fruits, vegetables, eggs, yoghurt, honey and coconut oil, many assume they are safe to use on the skin.

Often, essential oils are part of them too – since these are all botanicals and natural, they should be good for skin, right? Not really, because certain essential oils can trigger allergies in some people. They should be used with care since they are also highly concentrated plant extracts.

As for the edibles mentioned above, Dr Tan said that, in general, most should be well tolerated on skin.

“However, the efficacy of DIY skincare products is difficult to assess and the results they give are probably inconsistent. Also, coconut oil may have moisturising properties but may not be suitable for everybody. In individuals with oily skin, it can cause clogging and result in acne,” she shared.

She also pointed out that certain food items, like apple cider or the juice of citrus fruits, have an acidic nature and can lead to skin irritation or, worse still, superficial burns.


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