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As the weather gets cooler and we come into autumn, many of us will be making changes to our wardrobes – putting away our summer clothes and getting out our snuggliest jumpers.

These kinds of shifts are second nature, but so many of us forget to switch up our skincare routines to suit the new season.

Consultant dermatologist at skindoc Dr Sreedhar Krishna says: “Put simply, the main role of our skin is to keep the good stuff inside and the bad stuff outside – think of solid windows on a wintry night. However, our skin needs some help to get this done.”

He sees many of the same mistakes being made during this time of year. “At best, they are innocently harmless, but at worst could actually open your skin up to irritation and damage,”

If you want to keep your skin healthy throughout autumn and winter, try to avoid these mistakes…

Not wearing sunscreen every day

It’s easy to remember to slather on sunscreen during summer when you want to protect your skin from sun damage. While it might not be as obvious when the days are darker and the sun looks weaker, it’s just as crucial to finish off your morning routine with SPF

“There is less ambient sunlight in these months than at the peak of summer, but winter months can have intense UVB radiation,” explains Krishna. “Sun protection is important every day, not just on sunny days.”

Using the same lightweight moisturiser as you did in summer

Unfortunately, the light, barely-there moisturiser you loved during summer won’t quite cut it. Krishna says: “Colder air and bitter winds can join forces to strip your skin of moisture and essential oils. You can protect yourself by switching to more nourishing, richer moisturisers.” 

Sticking to a light cleanser

When the weather’s warm, a light foaming cleanser will often do the trick. However, Krishna suggests this could make your skin “more vulnerable to the elements” in autumn, so recommends “swapping that foam cleanser for a hydrating cleanser” for a bit more protection.

By a hydrating cleanser, Krishna means one that “locks moisture into the …….


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