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From skin-brightening serums to collagen-boosting supplements, the beauty market is flooded with anti-aging products—and on top of all that, there’s always a new vital TikTok trend to keep up with. It can certainly be overwhelming to try and figure out which ones actually provides the best benefits for your skin. You may find yourself wondering if any of them are actually worth it. However, there’s one method beauty experts say you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to: lymphatic drainage.

To learn more about this ancient method that’s recently taken the skincare world by storm, we spoke to Hillary Clark, esthetician and Founder of HAC Beauty. She told us everything we’ve ever wanted to know about lymphatic drainage, from how it works to the benefits it offers and even how you can try it out for yourself. Read on to learn it all!

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What is lymphatic drainage?

To understand exactly what lymphatic drainage is, it helps to first understand your lymphatic system. Clark compares this system to a housekeeper, “continually dusting and sweeping from head to toe, removing toxins from your body.” She says this “housekeeper” is essential to both your circulatory and immune systems—which is the very reason your lymph nodes often get swollen when you’re sick. 

“The lymphatic system is made up of a large network of organs, glands, and vessels,” Clark explains. “All of these are interconnected by lymph vessels, which carry the precious lymph fluid that is circulated throughout the body.” Wow—thank you, lymphatic system!

However, this housekeeper sometimes needs a little extra push (either voluntary or involuntary) to keep all that fluid flowing properly. As Clark notes, “It depends on movement.” When it comes to your body, this movement can come naturally from actions like walking, running, and jumping. The glands and vessels in your face, on the other hand, are not so easily stimulated by everyday activity. “Manual stimulation is required to reduce the puffiness in the face that contributes to puffy eyes, ‘bloated’ facial features (especially after salt, alcohol, or medicine), and a heavy jawline and neck,” Clark explains. Who knew?!

Luckily, that’s where lymphatic drainage comes in. When you use the right tools (and sometimes even your own hands) to help …….


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