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ooking to spruce up that handsome visage of yours?

Whether your skin’s in need of some TLC after a late night or you want to even out your complexion for a date, a face mask is the cure-all solution that should live in your bathroom alongside your fragrance, moisturiser, and hair styling products.

According to Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, founder of beauty brand 111SKIN, “masks are miracle workers as they sit on the surface on the skin, and flood product into the epidermis without interruption or irritation. They are an effective way to deliver an intensive burst of ingredients in one highly concentrated form”.

If you’re new to this grooming essential, you may be overwhelmed by the ever-growing range of masks available. From a sheet mask used for brightening to an overnight mask used for tissue-firming, you could spend hours choosing the best option for you.


Dr. Alexandrides explains “men’s skin tends to be tougher and oiler, therefore they can benefit from face masks that gently exfoliate and balance sebum production, such as the 111SKIN Microbiome Blemish Liquid Mask (£115)”.

When choosing a mask, it’s best to start with your skin type. He continues “if you have dry skin, turn to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which penetrates the dermis for deeper hydration, and leaves skin feeling intensely moisturised and soft. For oily and blemish-prone skin, ingredients such as alpine willowherb regulate sebum production, and clears and improves the general health and clarity of your skin”.

When it comes to applying the mask, he suggests “always apply masks to clean, dry skin which will ensure maximum effectiveness. After using a mask, follow with your usual moisturiser which will ensure your skin retains hydration”. Most of the masks in this edit work best when used once or twice a week, so make sure to follow the instructions to maximise their full potential.

So, keep scrolling to discover these men’s face masks that will help you look and feel your best.


111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask


Best for: pre-party preparation

Time: 15 minutes



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