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Goddess Facial and Body Scrub, our 3 in one wonder

Evolve Your Skincare with our Goddess Facial Line

Evolve Your Skincare

For over 20 years now, from the brand’s beginnings to the current evolution, Evolve Botanica’s Goddess Facial Line is the top secret MUA’s everywhere are using.

Not just great ingredients, but ones that make a difference by our sourcing. Partnering with as many local farmers & artisan brands for our feature ingredients. As we grow, so does our local impact.”

— Jennifer, Founder & Formulator

ATLANTA, GA, USA, July 5, 2022 / — The natural skincare brand with roots in the Atlanta metro area’s farmers markets for over 20 years continues to evolve it’s incredible skincare options offering solutions for every skincare type. Expanding on their long time seller’s Goddess Cucumber and French Green Clay Facial Soap, their Goddess Facial and Body Scrub is a 3 in one wonder product. It combines the gentleness of French Green Clay, Cucumbers, and moisturizing Shea Butter along with a gentle cleanser and Jojoba Beads to make a Facial Masque, A Cleanser, and Moisturizer all in one. This twice a week facial exfoliator has become a staple for TikTok and Instagram MUA’s specializing in everything from special effects/glam looks to everyday makeup tutorials. And while not the intention in the product design, the Goddess Hydrating Facial Mist has been a natural switch to set makeup for artists looking to hydrate their skin and lock in their look. Rounding out the Goddess line is the everyday facial soap, made with the same gentle detoxifying French Green Clay and locally source skin soothing cucumbers. This fresh line is a hit with nearly every facial type, from sensitive, to dry, and combination skin.

Jennifer, the company founder, explains, “We have always been a company based on not just great ingredients in our products, but ingredients that make a difference by our sourcing. We partner with as many local farmers and artisan brands for our feature ingredients as possible, making an impact within our local community with every raw material purchase. By sourcing the best ingredients to make highly effective skincare so that customers can feel safe about what they’re putting into your body, while simultaneously teaching consumers the value behind every ingredient choice and it’s impact on our community.”

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