Hyram certainly has spent a generous amount of time learning to be across all things skincare. When asked about TikTokers without the same level of knowledge joining the industry, Hyram suggests that as long as they’re getting their facts straight, he doesn’t mind who joins the skincare realm.

“I think one thing I love about this space is that there’s room for everyone. There’s so many different people and so many different skin concerns and things that have worked better for them. I think there’s so much value to the individual being able to share what their experience with skincare has been and what’s worked for them and been beneficial.

“I’d say so long as you are doing your part to combat misinformation and educating yourself, I think it’s amazing that people are sharing so much information. Where I do feel some level of frustration is when people will spread misinformation without making an effort to correct it or solely do it for virality or views when, in reality, those recommendations are not endorsed by dermatologists, they’re not recommended in the space – that’s the only time I get a little frustrated.”


However, the 25-year-old goes on to point out that the internet is pretty quick at calling people out for any um… questionable beauty advice.

“As we’ve seen with TikTok, if you are promoting harmful information surrounding skincare, you will have a big group of people who will very quickly respond and probably criticise your recommendations.

“Being held accountable for misinformation is important and I think one of the great things about this space. So long as you’re receptive to that and you’re making an effort to combat misinformation, I think there’s room for everyone.”

The skincare industry in particular is one of the biggest “rooms” there is, one which may celebrities have entered. We’ve seen the likes of Rihanna and Selena Gomez …….


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