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You don’t need anyone else to apply a mask.

Face it, a mask is for lockdown.

Okay, here’s the truth, a face mask may not be an everyday skincare staple, such as an SPF or cleanser, but right now is the perfect time to rethink your old skincare routine and slap more than one mask

Face masks usually come in two types: wash off masks (made with clay and charcoal), and leave-on masks. The latter are marketed as overnight masks but I break the rules and use them during the day.

So, this lockdown when most of us have a few extra minutes/hours to spare over the weekend, why not indulge your skin with a new mask or two. I’ve rounded up my favourite tried-and-true face masks to keep you glowing while you’re locked up.

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Dr Jart+ – Cicapair Sleepair Mask ($39)

I have gone through three tubs of this in one year. It’s sublime at soothing irritated, inflamed skin. It has a gooey, slightly off-putting texture with a herby aroma, and it instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving no residue.

If I’ve over-exfoliated or I’m struggling with a persistent shaving rash, I’ll slap this on right before my beauty sleep and let the elixir work its magic for a brighter more hydrated complexion come morning. The green solution features tiger grass to help calm the skin and niacinamide to even out and smooth the skin’s complexion.

Go-To – Transformazing Mask ($45 for a …….

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