No matter where I’m flying or how I’m packing—whether it’s heading to fashion shows in Europe or backpacking the Yukon—my secret weapon is a fistful of travel wipes. Something about being in a new environment and being removed from your day-to-day routine takes a toll on your skin. And don’t get me started on air travel. Those pressurized, constantly circulating cabins take a toll, achieving that awful combination of skin that is both too oily and too dry.

Enter: the travel wipe. When a plane’s pilot announces we’re entering our final descent, I easily reach for one from my carry-on luggage, give my face a couple of swipes, and I’m fresh as a daisy. When I’m on safari in the middle of the bush and hot showers are scarce, they keep BO at bay. And when I’m criss-crossing Manhattan between work meetings, they help me go from the C train to the conference room with confidence.

I’ve tried many, many face wipes, and am pleased to report that we’ve come a long way from the pack of baby wipes we grew up with, or even the nondescript “makeup remover” amenity wipes you find in hotel rooms. Today, there are body wipes, face wipes, ones for moisturizing, and even ones for keeping your skincare routine going on the road—and most come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging, making their use a truly guilt-free experience. Here are seven top-notch travel wipes to consider for your next vacation.

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