Here’s what no one’s going to tell you: you gotta do a ton of research to find a skincare routine that actually works for your skin.

There are no corners you can cut here, unfortunately. No matter how many skincare videos you watch, or how many of Zoe Kravitz’s beauty essentials you add to your own routine, no routine is one-size fits all.

They call it “self-care” and “personal grooming” for a reason — it’s up to you to figure out what actually works for you. But who has the time or the money for all that? Not us.

At Popdust, we’re passionate about skincare, sure, but we’re also New Yorkers — we want something that works and we want it fast. So, when you’re finally ready to put down the overpriced serums and moisturizers, learn about your skin with FaceTory.

Here’s what you need to know about FaceTory:

What’s So Different About It?

Most mainstream skincare favorites fall into one of two categories: overpriced, inaccessible products or ineffective, cheaply made imitations. In both cases, their job is to throw products at you and manufacture fake urgency to make you buy as much of their potions as possible.

FaceTory is different. They’re invested in educating you about skin care as much as they are in selling it. Instead of seducing you with aesthetics, moodboards, and aspirational photos, they help you figure out which skincare products do work for you — without the big words and inaccessible jargon.

In short, they make skincare FUN.

Why Do I Need It?

We all get those bursts of motivation when we think, suddenly, we’re going to revolutionize our lives. For a day, maybe a few days, we have a TikTok-worthy morning routine. We cross off everything on our to-do lists, we clean our rooms as we go, and we go through all the steps of a complex skincare routine.

This simply isn’t realistic. And, honestly, it’s not necessary. What will make the biggest difference in your skin is consistently using the right products. To get consistent, that time you’ll be spending at the sink oughta be at least a little fun, right?

FaceTory makes it …….


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