Dr Clodagh O’Shea is an aesthetic medical specialist at the Beacon Face and Dermatology is internationally recognized and renowned for her natural approach to skin rejuvenation. Dr O’Shea has clinics in Dublin and Cork and is a highly sought after practitioner. 

She spoke at ieStyle Live From The Couch and shared her secret to glowing skin at any age. In particular, she highlighted the five must-have ingredients needed for a pro-ageing skincare routine.


“SPF is not the most glamorous product in the world, but it is the most important product you can have in your routine. I know it’s tempting to buy the latest serum or the latest anti ageing moisturiser but SPF is number one. 

“80 percent of premature aging is caused by ultraviolet radiation and even though we may think we’re living in a very rainy, dull, cloudy country and we don’t need to worry about that – we do. The type of radiation that causes ageing is present all year round, and it can penetrate windows and glass. 

“Even if you’re inside all day working on a computer inside a window, you’re still going to get ageing. You can see a lot of truck drivers who expose one side of their face their whole life to the car window, and that side of their face has aged an awful lot faster than the other side.”

Vitamin C 

“Vitamin C and SPF: if you add two things into your routine, those are the two that I urge you to introduce because prevention is key. If SPF is your Batman, vitamin C is your Robin, they’re going to work beautifully together.

“Vitamin C is what’s known as an antioxidant, it prevents oxidation. As we go out during the day, our skin is exposed to a lot of environmental stressors, such as smoking, pollution, what we eat, what we drink, harsh weather conditions, and all of these things will accelerate ageing and they’re going to cause premature ageing. Vitamin C is what’s going to help stop and prevent a lot of that.

“Now, vitamin C, she’s a bit of a diva, it’s very difficult to actually get vitamin C in a bottle in …….

Source: https://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/fashionandbeauty/arid-40721208.html

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