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  • I adopted a skincare routine before my wedding to reduce fine lines and redness, and get a glow.

  • I chose a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and under-eye cream recommended by a Sephora expert.

  • The vitamin C serum, which smelled delightful and enhanced my glow, is the only one I’ll buy again.

A month before my wedding, I decided to do something drastic: Adopt an actual skincare routine to see if it could take my skin from fine to fantastic.

Even thinking about my skin was a new exercise for me. Anna Medaris Miller

Typically, I just wash my face and moisturize once a day with whatever’s sitting around, whether it’s my partner’s face wash, a hotel body lotion, or a sample I’ve been mailed. For 34 years, my skin hasn’t protested much.

But I like to procrastinate, and I figured if there was ever a time to upgrade to even just a few adult skincare products, it was to cram for the big day.

I visited three beauty and skincare stores for recommendations before making any purchases.

I went to Sephora, Credo, and Aesop – all in my Brooklyn neighborhood. Anna Medaris Miller

At each store, an employee recommended a cleanser, serum, and toner to help me gain a glow and decrease fine lines and redness.

Each expert emphasized different ingredients, though. Credo was all about seaweed, which has vitamins that supposedly help with “firming and elasticity.” And the man at Aesop suggested a toner as well — mostly, it seemed, because it feels good.

I ended up purchasing four products from Sephora.

Sephora was my first stop, and where I returned after gathering other experts’ recommendations. Anna Medaris Miller

I decided to go all in on Sephora since the products were reasonably priced, and I liked how each one addressed a goal, like reduced redness or increased glow.

Cory, the expert at Sephora, told me the cleanser I settled on would …….

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