On this episode of In The Know: Treat Yourself, host Melanie Sutrathada shares some of her favorite skincare tools that will have your skin looking and feeling as luxurious as possible.

“Once you have a scrub and a moisturizer that works, the next thing to discover and figure out is application,” says Melanie. “Things that will help you stay rejuvenated and relaxed.”

The first tool Melanie recommends is the Joanna Vargas Magic Glow Wand. “This is an innovative skincare device that addresses multiple skincare concerns,” explains Melanie. The wand is equipped with hot, cold and massage settings, to reduce inflammation, de-puff, and help your skin achieve that sought-after glow. “This multifunctional device uses targeted massage settings to really help your skin live its best life,” says Melanie.

To use the wand, sweep the device outward starting from your nose, moving towards the bottom of your neck. “Basically, this helps to move out any waste water, and it really helps [your] product absorb better into your skin,” Melanie explains. “This is all you need for a great at-home spa moment.”

Melanie’s next beauty must-have is the Pink Moon Over The Moon Duo. It’s a 2-step system that includes facial oil and a massage tool, which should be used “after your daily skincare cleanse,” according to Melanie.

The first step is taking two drops of the Moon Gua Sha Facial Oil, rubbing it on your hands, and pressing it softly onto your face and neck. “It smells absolutely phenomenal. It’s made with a really great minimal formula that’s made for all skin in mind, which I love,” says Melanie.

The next step is to grab the Gua Sha Tool, and glide it around your face and neck. “This is great for headaches, sinus pressure, [and] it’s even great for just helping you to relax, because self-care is so important,” suggests Melanie.

Next on Melanie’s list is the Esker Body Plane. “This is an oil cleansing tool that helps to scrape away dead skin,” explains Melanie. “It’s made with natural antibacterial properties, and it will help to make your skin feel calm and smooth.”

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