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CosmeticsDesign spoke with Andrew Glass, co-founder of Joos, about the concept behind the brand, where it fits into the botanical beauty segment and what it means for skincare more broadly.

Can you tell me a little bit about the concept behind your brand?

Joos Cosmetics is really all about promoting not only a healthy lifestyle but skin health in general. Each product for the brand is really designed to help bring your skin to its most healthy state.

We’re not a brand that really promises perfect skin, but we are a brand that promises healthy skin. That’s really the goal with each of our products.

Where did the kind of concept for the design of the brand come from?

My partner and I love getting fresh-pressed juices together. We both own a few other different beauty companies, so we’ve been in this space for a while.

The idea came about when we were just sitting down and having a couple of drinks. We were like “wow, this tastes amazing, these bottles are super cute, but we haven’t really seen a brand that delivers that kind of nutrients to your skin.”​

That’s kind of where the idea came about. Then we just started designing the bottles to really look like a real juice beverage, obviously, that you can’t drink. Then we started looking at the bottles and we were like “wow, we love the nutrition panel that these juices come with.”​ That’s how we developed our skin-trition panel, which we trademarked and it’s on the back of every bottle.

How has communicating skin information similar to communication with foods helped or hindered your brand in communicating the botanical aspect to your consumer?

The first impressions of the brand are that we are a very clean skincare brand. That comes across even before you start reading the details of every product, that’s something we wanted to do.

What sets us apart, besides botanicals, is we’re using a lot of superfoods in our product. We use a cold extraction method with our lab to be able to really extract the whole plant, fruit or vegetable’s nutrition that typically gets lost in a traditional heat method. We’re able to use a lot of unique ingredients that you may not …….


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