If you’re going to ask an expert about their best skincare tips, you’ll always find them emphasizing on checking the ingredient list primarily. With several beauty trends coming and going, one thing is believed to never go out of fashion – that’s taking care of your skin. And figuring out which ingredients offer the most benefits turns out to be a key element while taking care of your skin.

The skincare market is evolving constantly, and you are presented with more and more product options offering healthier and flawless skin. But as a consumer, it’s your responsibility to know the ingredients of the product you’re about to use. Adhering to this, you’ll be able to find the best skincare products available in the market that really suit your skin type and offer the desired results you’ve been looking out for a long time.

But knowing the ingredients and their benefits in detail isn’t as easy as it sounds. Especially when you’re unfamiliar with their name, you might find it no less than learning a foreign language. So, to help you with this, we got in touch with Aakriti Kundral, Brand Manager & Spokesperson, Hottest Ex, a skincare range to share a list of ingredients that you usually don’t often hear about in the beauty industry but are extremely beneficial for your skin.


Known as one of the healthiest fruits, Avocado contains a good amount of ‘healthy fats’ that can do wonders for your skin. It is also well-supplied with essential antioxidants and vitamins that can help nourish your skin while giving a natural glow. Some other benefits Avocado offers to your skin include smooth and supple texture, preventing aging and wrinkles, managing acne, and removing dead skin cells.

Mountain Pepper Berry

Being a rich source of Vitamin C and E, Mountain Pepper Berry helps in reducing the signs of aging along with inflammation and redness on the skin. Using skincare products that are rich in this ingredient can further help in strengthening skin cells while balancing the skin tone to provide an overall glow. Some other benefits of Mountain Pepper Berry as a skincare ingredient include reducing dark circles, calming irritated skin, and reviving dull complexion.


Kale as a part of your skincare plays a vital role in improving …….

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