We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we’ll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it’s all about Sharon Gaffka, the hilarious and outspoken Love Islander who champions female ambition, charity work and educating yourself on worldly matters.

Despite being dumped from the villa on day 19 after being friendzoned by Aaron Francis and Hugo Hammond (ridiculous!), 2021 has truly been her year of growth and self-love.

“It’s definitely been one of those years where I’ve learned to love myself a lot more and not be as harsh on myself as I had been previously.”

Sharon chats exclusively to heat about self-care favourites, fame and why you should think twice before calling someone a catfish…

On self-care

“I love doing an exercise class and before lockdown I was really into SoulCycle. I love doing it on a self-care day, because it’s an hour away from your phone in a dark room, just listening to music and really enjoying yourself and pushing yourself to another limit. I think a massive part of self-care is sometimes just doing nothing and giving your body and mind a chance to relax and not think about work or everything else. In my old career, it was definitely hard for me to switch off, so that’s really important.”

Listen, we can fully get on board with doing nothing.

“I also love a sheet mask. I won’t lie, I love going to TK Maxx and buying as many Korean sheet masks I can physically put my hands on. I also love having a bath, but I think I’ve had only three baths since I’ve moved into this house, so I’m trying to make it a weekly routine.”

On skincare favourites

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