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It is true that some celebrities have been associated with beauty for as long as their images could be printed.

The original influencer, blogger, actors and musicians have lent their images to countless campaigns for beauty brands and to this day, they still do often as extremely well-compensated as “brand ambassador”.

But it seems, nowadays, being a beauty brand spokesperson simply is not enough for some of the more aesthetically eager and ambitious celebrities.

Now some local celebrities have joined the regional and international stars who have their beauty products in their name.

Socialite and former beauty queen Hillary Makaya recently announced on social media that she was launching her skin care and beauty products dubbed “MKY”. Makaya said the range would be launched next week at a prestigious reception at Rainbow Towers on July 15 with a celebratory concert scheduled the following day.

In an interview with Makaya who was recently in Turkey where she had last meeting and testing with qualified dermatologists who approved the product ready for market, said was happy with feedback and ready for the show.

“It is my birthday month and a dream come true.

“Receiving news that the product was ready, I was jovial and the first people I called was my family to announce the good news,” she said.

“I have been planning this for the past two years and Covid-19 affected my plans.It was a blessing in disguise because I was launching only first the skin lotion as I wait for other products like serum, cleanser and contour creams among others. But now I will be launching a full package with everything and I am excited as those two years have paid,”

She said it would range from serum, moisturiser, contour, lotions to cleanser.

Makaya said the launch will be a red carpet affair and the invited guests are expected to dress the part as the event will also be part of the content creation for reality television shows.

“We are in talks with different media houses on filming the event not only for content creation, but also part of my reality-documentary show that I have been working on coming soon,” she said.</…….


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