Meet the Super Antioxidant Booster—a nourishing, antioxidant-rich serum booster that serves as skin’s ultimate protector, shielding against potential damage caused by blue light and other environmental aggressors. The formulation of IonPlex™ technology and ingredients like carnosine and edelweiss extract combined with a concentrated superfruit blend, leave skin detoxified and looking instantly tighter, brighter, and smooth with every drop.

Say hello to your skin’s ultimate corrector, Super Peptide Booster. This booster-serum powerhouse is formulated with our IonPlex™ technology along with a triple-peptide complex and botanical extracts to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Each completely clean drop delivers a surge of ingredients such as orchid stem cells and peony root extract to improve skin firmness and elasticity, while leaving you looking instantly revitalized and radiant.

Client customization and versatility is the real power behind each of these innovative, IonPlex™ Ionized Super Boosters—give every treatment a boost and enhance NuFACE® results when applied before any lift. Whether you’re prepping for a 5-Minute Facial-Lift® by applying a few drops prior to your Microcurrent Activator or using these Super Boosters as a stand-alone serum on “days off,” there’s power in every drop. Plus, each Super Booster can be used on their own or cocktailed together for an even more powerful skincare punch.

“We specifically designed our Super Boosters with IonPlex™ technology to help enhance your NuFACE® experience. IonPlex™ is a precise combination of electrically charged minerals, known as ions, and glacial water. Ions conduct the microcurrent while the glacial water hydrates the skin, preparing the skin for optimal NuFACE® microcurrent conductivity—more ions, means better microcurrent results. Adding 3-5 drops prior to your Microcurrent Activator will make a world of difference when it comes to long-lasting results and youthful-looking skin,” said Tera Peterson, NuFACE® Co-Founder and Microcurrent Aesthetician.

With the continuation of their Ionized Skincare lineup, NuFACE® aims to enter a new category in the marketplace, creating a total 360-approach to the way clients care for their skin. “The innovative, ion-focused formulas are unlike anything anyone else is doing. With the launch of Ionized Super Boosters, we want to give our clients …….


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