Nicole Kidman, 54, Shares Her Nighttime Skincare Routine

She applies oil to her hair, too

To keep her curly strands healthy and tangle-free, Kidman applies her favorite hair oil, the Philip B Rejuvenating Oil (an intensive hair and scalp treatment that moisturizes dry hair). She then gathers all of her hair to the back of her head, creating one large braid, and secures the bottom with a hair tie.

Made with nourishing oils like sesame seed and almond, this hair treatment helps to repair existing damage by strengthening the follicles. Plus, it says it helps prevent future breakage.

Her favorite foot cream soothes dry, cracked heels

“Sometimes I put on this beautiful heel souffle which is also by SeraLabs because my feet get really dry,” Kidman said. This whipped moisturizer melts into dehydrated skin and works to improve the texture and feel of dry, bumpy, rough-feeling heels.

Its ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, marula oil, and CBD extract. The brand says that “the topical application of CBD …….


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