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Our understanding of the gut-skin connection focuses on the microbiome, the bacteria both in our gut and on our skin. “Beautiful science coming out of the Human Microbiome Project is showing that when you rebalance the gut microbiome, that can support skin health,” Dr. Bowe explains. She has a TikTok video where she breaks it down. “When your microbiome balance is off in the gut and you have something called dysbiosis, it actually leads to intestinal permeability, the gut lining becomes leaky. So, inflammatory molecules that are suppose to be housed within the gut are now able to penetrate into systemic circulation, and that can actually trigger inflammation in the skin — it can show up as accelerated aging, flares of acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema. When you rebalance the microbiome, it can have profound implications for your skin health as well.” 


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