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  • Hailey Bieber recently launched her first skincare brand, called Rhode Skin.
  • The debut collection includes three products: a gel serum, moisturizer, and lip treatment.
  • I tried everything for a week to see if Bieber’s “glazed donut” skincare regimen is worth the hype.

When I first heard Hailey Bieber likes her skincare routine to leave her looking like a “glazed donut,” I thought it sounded kind of gross. But then, a few months later, the model launched her own skincare label, and I hereby retract my initial statement after trying it myself.

Called Rhode Skin by Hailey Bieber, the debut collection includes three luxury products at affordable prices ($16-$29) all designed to leave your skin feeling hydrated and looking dewy. 

The debut collection from Rhode Skin includes three products.

Julia Guerra/Insider

The concept of heavily layering on products that are both hydrating and swarming is, actually, quite genius, and the moisture levels of my complexion alone are proof. However, not all of the products in Rhode’s debut collection lived up to the high expectations I had for them. See what a dermatologist had to say about the ingredients, followed by my own experiences using the trio for a week.

A dermatologist’s review of Rhode Skin ingredients

The first drop from Rhode Skin — in what I’m predicting will become a complete wardrobe of beauty staples — includes a peptide glazing fluid (a gel serum), barrier restore cream (moisturizer), and peptide lip treatment (restorative gloss). All of the products can be used day and night, and there are some overlapping ingredients in their formulas, like peptides and niacinamide. 

I tested the full Rhode Skin collection exclusively for a week. Here’s my skin before the trial.

Julia Guerra/Insider

Board-certified dermatologist, Rachel Maiman, MD FAAD tells Insider peptides are chains of amino acids that, in skincare, help boost collagen and elastin production to firm the skin and reduce fine lines. …….


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