We all long to experience that post-exercise glow and there is evidence to show that working out really can improve your skin. It’s common knowledge that we should avoid wearing make-up while working out, as it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. But how do skincare products affect our skin when we sweat?

Depending on whether you opt for a morning or evening workout, your skincare routine will fall on either side of when you exercise. I know I’ve found myself thinking about whether it’s better to cleanse and moisturise before my workout at 7am and I usually opt against it in favour of another five minutes in bed. However, it often feels weird leaving the house without having washed my face.

We asked the experts to weigh in on how you should balance your workouts with your skincare routines. Here’s what they said…

“Never exercise with dirt on your face”

– Gia Mills, founder of Skin in Motion.

Mills created her own skincare line specifically designed for exercise. Her biggest tip is to ensure your clean is face before exercising.

“When we sweat, our pores open to regulate our temperature and any grime that is already on our face will seep in,” she says. “As you start to cool down from a vigorous workout, the skin will re-absorb any dirt already on your face which can lead to acne, dehydration and skin irritation.”

If you are working out later in the day, Mills suggests cleansing before your workout to remove any dirt that may have built up during the day. However, first thing in the morning your skin will already be fairly clean, so you don’t need to cleanse your face.

“Keep it simple”

– Dr Catherine Borysiewicz, Consultant Dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic.

If you are going to cleanse before your workout, Dr Boryseiwicz suggests keeping it simple and using light products. “Keep skincare products to a minimum during your workout. If you do need a moisturiser pre-workout, look for a lighter formulation such as a lotion or gel which will be less likely to clog the skin than richer creams or ointments,” she recommends.

She also recommends using a light cleanser, as …….

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