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There are literally hundreds of products available when it comes to skincare, and choosing what to use (and when) can feel overwhelming. The good news? There’s nothing wrong with beginning a small, simple skincare routine without feeling pressured to include all of the newest products.Ultimately, the best skincare routine is one that you’ll actually stick with, so choose the products that work for your daily routine and seem sustainable. 

We’ve rounded up some must-have items for simple morning and nighttime routines as well as on-the-go products that are handbag essentials.


Cleaning your face is the most basic skincare step. No product can successfully interact with your skin if it’s covered in dirt and oil. Your morning skincare routine should always start with a cleanser. Even though you’ve been asleep, oils and dirt can clog your pores overnight, so you want to start fresh every day. A great all-purpose cleanser to use morning, after workouts, and night is a simple micellar water with no harsh additives or abrasives (and has no need to rinse). Micellar water is an easy cleanser for even the busiest day. Make sure that you have some soft, washable pads to use with a liquid cleanser so that you aren’t scrubbing with anything too abrasive. If you’re looking for a more substantial nighttime cleanser, try one with essential oils that help remove heavy makeup and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh.

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