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With rains washing off all the dust from the air and the greenery coming to life with the rain water, monsoons bring alive the natural beauty of the environment. But on the other hand, it brings with it sweat, humidity and sticky feeling. Our skin demands unique care during this season to keep its natural glow and health intact.

During monsoons, one might experience extra oily to extra dryness of the skin due to varied humidity in the air. The weather might also bring with it skin problems such as dullness, acne, black-heads, white-heads, itchiness, rashes and even infections. The rain water washes down toxins from the air so it is not a good idea to let the skin gets exposed to such water, it can only cause damage.

Insufficient skincare during the monsoons can lead to premature aging and cause damage. So, one need not worry, the situation is an easy fix with these simple tips, courtesy Rachit Gupta, CEO and MCD, OxyGlow Cosmetics.

Cleanse Wisely – with humidity in the air and excessive sweat causing damage it is vital to keep the skin properly clean. Since the weather is harsh on the skin constantly it is advised to use a soap free face wash that is not only gentle but rejuvenating for the skin. One needs to opt for a face wash that suits special skin needs – Oil control face washes for oily skin, vitamin rich face washes with natural ingredients such as Bearberry or Strawberry or Papaya, Neem-Tulsi face wash for troubled and acne prone skin, etc.

Facial Toners are a must – skin toners should be a part of your skin care regime and even more so during monsoons. Facial toners work on shrinking open skin pores, controls pH level of the skin, improves skin elasticity and up keeps the overall health of the skin. Choose a skin toner which is natural ingredient based and chemical free. The benefits of cucumber skin toners can be sworn by, rose skin toners are also much recommended,

Don’t dich the sunscreen – monsoons mean less sun, still there is a risk of damage from the harmful UV rays. So do not forget the protection of sunscreen during the monsoons. Sunscreens with Aloe Vera and Carrot work wonderfully as they not only protect but also repair the skin.

Use less make-up – …….


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