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TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sunrider International, a global health and wellness direct sales company headquartered in Torrance, California, has announced the release of Kandesn® Pure, a gentle and effective skincare system handcrafted with herbal oils, extracts, and essences proven to nourish, cleanse, and balance the skin.

Kandesn® Pure’s natural formula nurtures and locks in healthier, more radiant-looking skin from the outside in without harmful additives, artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals, parabens, or animal by-products.

“We focused on using pure ingredients that are designed to both cleanse the skin of impurities and nourish the skin to keep it looking young and refreshed. Everything from the cleansing oil to the beauty water has been meticulously tested and created to optimize the youthfulness and natural beauty of the skin,” said Dr. Reuben Chen. “You’ll feel like your skin is rejuvenated every time you use these products, and we’re proud to add the Kandesn® Pure line to our other award-winning Sunrider® skincare products.”

Sunrider’s Kandesn® Pure offers a simple four-step regimen to deliver beautiful results.

Kandesn® Pure Cleansing Oil
Detoxifies the skin by gently removing dirt, pollution, excess sebum, and other oil-based impurities, even waterproof makeup. This lightweight cleansing oil rinses off easily to reveal refreshed, glowing, dewy-looking skin, with no greasy residue.

Kandesn® Pure Foaming Cleanser
Purifies the skin by lifting away dirt, sweat, and other impurities while deep-cleaning the pores without stripping the skin of vital moisture. This water-based, richly foaming cleanser leaves the skin feeling refreshed, soft, and supple, never tight and dry.

Kandesn® Pure Beauty Water
Refreshes the skin with ultra-hydrating, pH-balancing beauty water. A synergy of botanical ingredients balances and tones the skin while creating a clean base for beauty routines and a refreshing way to revive radiance and rebalance.

Kandesn® Pure Hydrating Gel Cream Quenches the skin by giving it the moisture and nourishment it craves. This silky gel cream is infused with botanical emollients, flower extracts, and sodium hyaluronate …….


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