ldi fans will know that the budget brand excels in its dupes. From its chocolate that echoes Dairy Milk to the hand washes giving fragrance house Jo Malone a run for its money, there are plenty of dopplegangers that give you a touch of luxury for less.

The supermarket has struck out into skincare with its Lacura collection, such an instant hit that it’s already got more than 3,000 people signed up to its waitlist for its newly launched beauty boxes.

Why is Aldi’s Lacura so popular? The prices are obviously fantastic, suggesting that you don’t always need to take out a short-term loan to buy great quality products. On first inspection, the minimalistic packaging gives Drunk Elephant feels and the ingredients spotlighted are amongt the most sought-after, trend-led of the moment.

There are six products to date: a Jelly Cleanser, Pineapple Microdermabrasion Scrub, Vitamin C Serum, Glycolic Exfoliating Treatment, Intensive Eye Cream and Multi-Peptide Moisturiser that will save you £288 versus competitor items on the market.

But do the products live up to the hype? The ES Shopping Team took them for a spin to find out.



Abha Shah, Shopping Writer: I’m currently trialing Shiseido Complete Cleansing Microfoam Cleanser + Remove. I love the way it lathers straight out of the pump – it feels like I’m treating my face to a mini hammam every time I use it. In comparison, the Lacura jelly cleanser squeezes out like a gel, which you work into a lather over wet skin. First impressions? I’m not wild about the texture. It took three tries to completely cleanse the make up from my face. I found that using it sparingly helped to work up the bubbles, but didn’t achieve that squeaky feeling I get with my regular cleanser. I might keep in the shower to use as a face wash but for now, Shiseido remains pride of place in my bathroom cabinet.

Ellie Davis, Shopping Editor: When applied onto damp skin, this cleanser transforms from a gel and in my experience, gave a good lather that left my spot-prone, oily complexion feeling clean, clear and fresh. Full disclosure, …….

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/shopping/esbest/beauty/is-aldi-lacura-skincare-range-worth-the-hype-beauty-review-b958833.html

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