It means Corleison knows better than anyone that sometimes the best treatments for inflamed, stressed skin can be found at home. 

That’s good news for those of us in Auckland still locked down, and facing a fair few weeks before we can get back to facialists and dermatologists, thanks to the new 3-step ‘roadmap’ system. 

In the meantime, alongside the launch of her new caffeinated Awaken eye cream, Corleison has shared with Newshub her favourite two easy-to-make face masks, containing ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, regardless of what level you’re at.

And the key ingredient in both? Oatmeal.

Yes, the kind you use to make your breakfast porridge in the morning. 

“Oatmeal is an incredible skincare ingredient as it can be used for both oily or dry skin depending on the ingredients you mix it with,” says Sara. “It’s gentle and calming on dry sensitive skin and can help to soak up oils and clear breakout-prone skin.”


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