With logistics, warehouse and a team in the US dedicated to the North American marketplace, Réduit delved into developing an in-depth understanding of the US skincare market to ascertain what beauty shoppers craved from delivery devices.

As a result, the beauty delivery brand produced a proprietary enhanced delivery method to tackle ineffective application and unnecessary ingredients used in formulations, which it saw as the industry’s biggest problems​, Réduit also gathered insights into

Skincare shopper research

During its research and development phase, ​Réduit also identified two core types of skincare shoppers: beauty buyers looking for entertaining skincare options and product purchasers seeking highly efficacious skincare solutions.

“We noticed a clear divide between consumers looking at entertaining skin care—those who like the idea of skincare and are excited about the new gadgets on the market—versus those who really ‘desire’ skin health and are educating themselves on ingredients, how to penetrate the skin in the best possible way, and above all, are looking for real results for their skin health,” ​highlights Paul Peros, CEO of Réduit.

The two leading skincare demands are identified by specific needs and values that consumers seek from their selected brands and products. These traits are at the top of the priority list for skincare shoppers when searching for beauty products. 

Describing the characteristics of the two skincare buyers’ demographics, Peros emphasizes that this is depicted by “t​hose who entertain versus those who care”.​ To appeal to these two consumer demands, beauty brands’ marketing strategies indicate their purpose and messaging.

By communicating directly with their target audiences and listening to their skincare demands, brands can carve out a point of differentiation in the marketplace to forge a competitive advantage as well as individualize specific product lines to reflect what shoppers are looking for from their skincare solutions.

Producing skincare that entertains

Keen to find alluring skincare products and brands that reflect their unique styling, shoppers want entertaining skincare options that mirror beauty insights and keep a close eye on leading trends. “They see the newest fad, the sparkliest product, the influencers’ favorite product of the day and they want it,” ​relays Peros. “They are the queen bee and have a status to protect so fashionably …….

Source: https://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Article/2021/09/23/The-big-skincare-debate-Entertaining-versus-efficacious-skincare

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