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They are perfect as pizza toppings, beyond compare when infused with some cheese and now Mushrooms are all set to make space in the world of beauty and skincare. The boom in natural ingredients used for skincare has given the world mushroom-infused skincare products that are here to give your skin that desired glow.

It’s safe to claim that the world of wellness is always ready to welcome new elements that are not only healthy for your skin but are vegan and organic. We’re sure that your skincare shelves are filled with several up-to-the-minute products on a daily basis, and it is because of the inclusive nature of this lucrative industry. Speaking of which, infusing superfoods into your bottles of magic potions isn’t a new concept, but it seems to have ample space to bring new elements into the game. From fruity products lines to dermatologically approved regimens, the wellness spotlight is all set to offer mushroom-infused skincare the centre stage.


Yes, you heard that right, the one element making your cuisines delicious with several local and exotic species is manoeuvring its way into the skincare industry. As unconventional as it may sound, mushrooms carry numbers benefits. Since the fungi fever is gradually rising, it is about time that you knew what wonders this ingredient can do. From battling stress, boosting immunity to treating sensitive skin, mushrooms are your one-stop shop for all troubles. The kojic acid derived from mushrooms is responsible for the shroom-boom in the skincare industry. Moreover, the ingredient comes with a family of its own, ranging from reishi, Chaga, cordyceps, shiitake, and a lot more of such names can be counted as the variety of mushrooms infused in our skincare. 

Make way for the fungi phenomenon in accordance with these mushroom-infused skincare products

So, it’s time to bid your unbalanced, sensitive and dull skin adieu, as we have the perfect lineup of mushroom-infused skincare products all set to grab a spot on your skincare racks. 


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