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If your SPF gathers dust in the back corner of your bathroom cabinet at this time of year, you’re committing the most common winter skincare mistake people make.

And it’s understandable why protecting your skin from harmful UV rays would slip to the bottom of your skincare priority list when the sun refuses to shine for days on end.

Despite what the dreary weather forecast suggests, skincare clinic La Belle Peau founder Kim Tran says you need sunscreen every day of the year.

“Even though UVB which burns the skin isn’t as strong in winter, UVA which ages the skin remains the same,” she explains.

MECCAversity category strategy manager Lucy Shaw agrees, saying regardless of the weather conditions, it’s important to continue to be diligent with SPF application throughout the cooler months.

“If your skin is feeling particularly dry, opt for a formulation that includes skincare,” she suggests.

In addition to SPF, the skincare experts have dished their top tips to get that glowy, bright complexion that seems to evade many during winter.

Give your lips some love

When the temperature drops and shower get hotter, naturally our skin gets dry and flakey.

Shaw says this is particularly the case on delicate areas like the cuticles and lips.

“To help strengthen your delicate skin barrier, find a thick, emollient balm that will put a protective seal or ‘second skin’ to prevent further moisture loss,” she recommends.

Tran often sees a rise in lip licker’s dermatitis every year when winter comes.

“It is a condition directly caused by excessive licking of the area surrounding the mouth. It’s often a symptom of dry lips and a sign of dehydration as we …….


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