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MindBodyGreen spoke to celebrity aesthetician Aida Bicaj about how exactly to treat your oily, dehydrated skin. Bicaj referred to this type of skin as “the residue of oiliness on the surface of the skin and then dry underneath in the lower levels of the skin.” It most commonly occurs when people only see the oil on the surface of their skin and jump to excess exfoliation, cleansers that strip the skin more, and skip vital moisture-inducing steps in their skincare routine. 

All of this will cause extra dryness beneath your skin surface, which will then produce even more oil. It could also cause your pores to look larger due to your skin overcompensating for the dry parts. It’s a frustrating cycle, but you can break it with a skincare routine that’s right for you. Glamour also notes that caffeine and alcohol could be contributing to your dehydrated skin woes, though of course this will vary from person to person. Still, it won’t cause any harm to cut back on those three coffees per day or strong weekly cocktails. 


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