Why Is Your Skin So Good

Do you ever see someone on Instagram and think, Why is your skin so good? We do, so we started asking.

Photo: Courtesy of Tefi Pessoa / @hellotefi

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Estefania Pessoa is Latinx. This is important to know, she says, when you consider why her Colombian mother was “horrified, of course,” by her recent decision to get Botox and filler. The TikTokker and InStyle host, who goes by Tefi, had gotten “droplets” of injectables on her forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, and under eyes before, but had never gotten her lips done. She decided she wanted to do it. Why? “I’m a grown-ass woman with grown-ass money,” she recently told her followers. “I’m constantly spending money on everybody around me. At the time, I had a partner who I was supporting financially too so I was like, ‘You know what? I deserve it.’” So she went to Dr. Yael Halaas’s office in Manhattan, where she sees injector Andouah “Andi” Assebian, and among other work, got her lips filled in.

Afterward, “I called my mom, and I said, ‘I got something done,’” Tefi remembers. “She thought I was gonna say, ‘Oh, I did more microblading,’ but I told her about my lips, and she goes, ‘Increíble. Rebelde. Traicionera. Send me a picture right now.’” Tefi sent her a photo while she was still swollen from the injections and looking like, in her words, “handsome freakin’ Squidward.” Her mom saw it and said: “‘Te arruinaste. You ruined yourself. You were beautiful.’”

Two days later, when her mom came to New York City, “I opened the door and she acted as if I was Quasimodo at a monster festival.”

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Source: https://www.thecut.com/2021/09/instyle-tiktok-tefi-pessoa-botox-fillers-skin-care.html

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