After a year and a half of looking at ourselves on Zoom meetings and Facetime people have grown very critical of what they look like. As restrictions eased clinics that specialise in medi-cosmetic tweakments found themselves inundated with appointment requests.

While Botox and fillers are still the most sought-after treatments there are a lot of new products and procedures available that will make a profound difference to the health and look of your skin. After all, you can’t out Botox a bad skincare regime.

Sarah Flood, the operations manager and head therapist at the South William Clinic and Spa in Dublin says that people are more critical of their appearance than ever.

“I have definitely found that since coming back after the lockdowns people are more familiar with their faces than before, and they’ve really noticed their skin. Everyone has worked through Zoom and as a result are quite conscious of how they’ve looked. They now see themselves in a different light.

“They say that when they’re on a call all they can see are the wrinkles around their eyes or a drop around the lower part of the face.”

But when they come into the clinic Sarah says that the first thing she does is start gently, to bring skin back to its optimum health.

“Looking after the skin is so much more so than just going for your injectable treatments. Some people come in with an idea of a particular treatment in their heads but what they feel they need might not necessarily be what their skin needs, so we would always try to guide them in the right direction and suggest what we feel would be best for them.

“That means we look at everything from home care to treating the skin internally as well. It has been a very long almost two years now for everybody, and it’s had a massive impact on our health and on our skin health, and that’s what people are starting to notice and feel. 

They look tired. They could look a little bit more alive, a little bit more awakened.

Sarah always starts off with some nice treatments before moving onto more …….


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