Peep any product’s ingredient list and you will likely see water at the top. That’s because water has traditionally been used as a solvent for other ingredients to mix with, thereby creating a more “cosmetically elegant” (read: easier to spread) formula for application.

While water itself isn’t a harmful ingredient, some environmentally-minded folks question the practice of relying on it so heavily in product formulation. To put it into context: At our current consumption rate, the World Wildlife Fund predicts that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages.

As one potential solution to this issue, more beauty companies are starting to roll out “waterless” or “water-free” products. So in place of liquid face washes and shampoos, we’re seeing powder-based cleansers that morph into foam when activated in the shower.

Not only do these products cut back on water consumption overall, but in doing so, they also reduce the amount of packaging used, which decreases the fuel required to ship products to their final destinations. The fact that they’re also fun to use and easier-to-pack in a carryon is a bonus. Ahead, five of our favorite waterless products to use from head to toe.

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